How do we work?

Green Leaders is recognised as one of the leading Global Executive Search practices in sustainable industries.

Identifying sustainable talent and leaders in diverse countries, we are globally known as “The Green Experts” because we understand regional markets and their specific needs when it comes to executive search. We offer a fully customized, local and global approach to search projects, based on culture, regional economics and the local candidate marketplace. We never seek to impose a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Our search process is optimized to the local culture. That’s the reason why we work together with the best local executive search companies. We are a network and partner organisation. We only work with those who speak our language.

Green Leaders and her partners follow a clear method, consisting of at least the following steps.

1. Intake interview

As a first step, we will set up a meeting with the person in charge/manager, and/or anyone else within the organisation who has a relevant connection to the future position holder. Green Leaders strongly value providing profound information. We will use both general organisational and contextual information sources to build a clear profile of your Green Leader. We will translate this into a detailed and accurate organisation and job profile, to secure the closest match between reality and the expectations of candidates. An introductory meeting with the person who the future position holder will report to is essential at this stage.

2. Drawing up a competence profile

The second step involves drawing up a competence profile. Green Leaders has a lot of experience in the field of competence management. We have our own designed competence library, focussed on operational, tactical, and strategic competences. This instrument provides the client and the candidate a great understanding of the required job-specific competence level of the candidate. And it can assist the organisation and manager in the further development of the competences.

3. Recruitment

We aim to present our client with two or three most suitable candidates for the vacant position. To do so, Green Leaders uses various recruitment tools, such as network search, database search, hunting, and recruitment via the Green Leaders website. In addition to these tools, we find advertising (social media, newspaper, and/or job boards) essential, as these are very specific roles that require a more targeted approach. A media proposal will be discussed during the intake phase.

4. Competence-oriented interviewing

During the recruitment phase, we invite selected candidates to our office or another location to speed up the process. These candidates will come in for a job-oriented and competence-oriented interview. Green Leaders will present the client with an oral and/or written report of the candidate, including competency-based findings and focus points.

5. Guidance and completion

During these consultations, Green Leaders is happy to support the client from a management point of view. This offers the advantage of unambiguous conversations, observable consistent behavior of candidates, and rapid feedback of findings, so we can act as decisively as possible. For an increased success rate, Green Leaders serves as an intermediary in salary negotiations.

6. Result obligation

Once a successful candidate has started in the role, Green Leaders offers HRM a guarantee period of twelve months. During these months, we will perform two evaluation interviews with both the client and the candidate to further support the development and (if necessary) communication.
If the client and candidate, despite all efforts, decide to separate for business reasons, Green Leaders will restart the procedure free of charge.

7. Timeline of procedure

After entering an agreement, Green Leaders aims to present high-quality candidates within 6 to 8 weeks.