About us

Excellence in Service for 15+ years

At Green Leaders we understand leadership. We understand the people who lead and how they influence the environment within and outside an organisation. We use our 15+ years of experience and expertise to deliver leadership solutions that can transform not just your organisation, but also the world outside it. The community. The planet. We represent reliability, equality, authenticity, and divergent.

Commitment to Partners

For more than 15 years our valued clients and partners have used our services, finding suitable candidates for their innovative companies and organisations while working on a sustainable idea, service or product.

Our approach is holistic. We look at leadership as part of a large entity, a system, a body. Therefore, our services are strongly connected to all aspects within an organisation. We will know which candidate will be the best match for your company, your Purpose, Impact, and Values to make that change in the world.

We are committed to build and maintain strong relationships with our partners and clients, always keeping all parties well-informed and involved throughout the process. We guarantee transparency, integrity, minimal disruption, and most of all: results!

Promoting Diversity and Inclusiveness

We aim to model excellence in diversity and inclusion for our partner organisations. We acknowledge talents with different backgrounds and gender can be a valuable source of strength and innovation. We are committed to creating work environments that are equitable and fair. This is crucial to the success of both us and our clients.

Dedication to results

Green Leaders is a diverse, global firm with local partners around the world that work together as one. Our global nature gives us the advantage of having extensive knowledge when it comes to sustainable industries and access to a world pool of executive talent in the ‘green’ space.

Despite our global nature, our lines of communication and service are short and personal. Our client’s interest and ambitions will have our full attention and we will maintain that personal approach while finding you the ideal candidate(s) for your organisation.

We combine global intelligence, individual expertise, and innovative technology to grant optimal results.